Wedding planner - Game for girls!
I made up and designed this game app. This is a game where you can feel like a wedding organizer. You should help loving couples to plan a dream wedding.

• Application for Android platform

• The app looks like cards with questions

• The simple and intuitive interface

• Two languages localization
First sketches of the prototype Wedding Planner Game
Prototype on InVision
You can test the prototype on InVision
Work that I have been done for the project:
• Analysis of audience
• Benchmarking (analysis of competitors)
• Setting and distribution of the main tasks
• Define technical limitations
• Reference research
• Creation of information architecture (application map)
• Establishment of gameplay
• Wireframes Design
• UI app design
• Design of related elements (banners, app icon, etc. ...)
• Design of manual for game
• UX writing
• Filling of content in-app
• Design visual and content for a game page download on Google Play Store
• Creating a content plan and filing of content social network
• Designing a simple and comfortable interface for the admin panel
• Сreating an audience, choosing parameters and indicators for Google Analytics
Application Map in Mindmeister
Some screenshots from the Wedding Planner Game:
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