StyleAssistant app
This application like a personal stylist for an offline store.
The app helps to create a look from those clothes that are available in the store.
For viral advertising (my video montage)
The StyleAssistant app can replace personal stylist.
This will be helpful both for the store and the customer.

For the store:
• Additional sales tool.
• The store can be sell clothing sets.
• Sell clothing from an old collection.
• Savings the cost of hiring qualified personnel.

For store customers:
• Savings money on a personal stylist.
• A stylish set that will be suited for a person, given the proportions of the figure.
Prototype on Marvelapp
Style Assistant is the app for Android tablet that will be in clothing stores.
• Cordova developing. In the future, this application will be transferred to a mobile phone, with access to all stores.

• The application has is a non-standard scroll. The screen scrolls in all directions, not only up and down, but also to the right and left. This scrolling method looks like the mind map apps.

• Also for a more interesting visualization, the app has a non-standard grid.
Visualization of how should be work an application.
A lot of prototypes variants were tested to get good a result. Was made an analysis of competitors, was made a survey of potential users, was created a business model with using the Canvas Model method. All these and other materials you can be a view from below.
Several screens for StyleAssistant app:
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