iCooking app
The сoncept of application for a gadget that understands what products are in the fridge. The app helps a person not to think about what to cook in the evening, and shows recipes only from those products that are in stock.
Ease of use
The application without unnecessary functionality.
Saving time and power
You don't need to think about what to cook. In application, you will find the simplest recipes from those products that are in the refrigerator.
You can customize personal preferences. For example, only vegetarian dishes, or gluten-free dishes.
The AI algorithm analyzes your preferences and proposes those dishes that you will really like.
The main goal of the application is to quickly and easily feed the user.
The system shows only valid recipes, for example:
• If it is evening, the app shows you the dishes that are good for dinner
• The first you will see recipes with products that will soon deteriorate
• In the app, you will see only quick and easy recipes
• You will not see recipes where more than 3 products are missing
• The app knows your preferences and what you have in the refrigerator, it can help cooking amazing dishes.
Prototype on Marvelapp
You can test the prototype on Marvellapp
The principle of work with the application look like the Tinder app.
All extra functions were removed from the application. You can choose a recipe: if you like a recipe swipe right, if you don't like a recipe swipe left. If you click on the card with the recipe - you can view the recipe detail.

Also, you can to select several recipes (no more than 5-10). And after you can choose one of the recipes, which one you will follow.
UI styleguide for iCooking app
Finally, you can see some screenshots from the iCooking app
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