Vatsyk Anastasiia
I am a designer with 5+ years of expertise. I have worked on a variety of projects from startups to large brands. I am focused on helping startups and small businesses to create communication with the user through an intuitive design interface.
My core competencies:
• Analysis of competition and target market
• Creating information architecture, wireframes, mockups, scenarios, interactive prototypes, etc
• Creating a visual design for a project, interaction and interface design for web and mobile applications, design artifacts, GUI
• Design printed materials, creating a presentation and in branding for a product
My advantages :
• Experience on a variety of projects from startups to large brands
• I have a bachelor degree in design and also regular visiting courses to improve my skills
• I'm good to grasp new information and I have strong analytical skills
• I'm a self-disciplined person and ready to take on responsibility for the getting to the result
Basic tools:
Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Marvel, InVision, Principle, Tilda, pencil and eraser.
But I think that the main tool it is my mind. Because any instrument can be learned in 1-2 weeks.
A&D Software Development
07.2013 - present

My own game that I invented and designed with my self. This is a game where you can feel like a wedding organizer. You should help loving couples to plan a dream wedding.

• Analysis of audience
• Benchmarking (analysis of competitors)
• Setting and distribution of the main tasks
• Define technical limitations
• Reference research
• Creation of information architecture (application map)
• Establishment of gameplay
• Wireframes Design
• UI app design
• Design of related elements (banners, app icon, etc. ...)
• Design of manual for game
• UX writing
• Filling of content in-app
• Design visual and content for a game page download on Google Play Store
• Creating a content plan and filing of content social network
• Designing a simple and comfortable interface for the admin panel
• Сreating an audience, choosing parameters and indicators for Google Analytics

Cardiomo Care, Inc.
01.2017 - 06.2018
Digital Product Designer

Cardiomo is a solution for health monitoring. Includes an intelligent wearable patch with medical biosensors, a mobile application, a secure cloud service and AI for analyzing data. Besides, web platforms for customers and doctors.

• Complete product rebranding
• UX/UI Design of a mobile application for iOS and Android
• UX/UI Design of the Dashboard for users
• UX/UI Design of Dashboard for doctors
• UX/UI Design of the Landing Page
• Design of presentations for different target market
• Design of Printed materials (booklets, flyers, business cards, stickers and other materials)
• Design of publication for PR promotion
• Design of exhibition stand, Roll-up design
• Design of box for the Cardiomo Patch
• Design images for SMM publications
• Visualization of the Cardiomo Patch
• Email design

08.2016 - 07.2017
UX/UI Designer

TvStyle is an innovative e-commerce platform, that uses TV traffic for online stores. The service allows you to buy things that the user sees on the screen in movies and shows.

• UX/UI Design of the TvStyle platform
• Design presentations for a different target market
• Design web banners
• Design Templates for the platform
• Logo design

TSARSKY City Resort
12.2015 - 06.2016
Graphic Designer

Tsarsky City Resort is a luxury resort in the center of the capital Ukraine. Includes a fitness club, swimming pool and spa, beauty salon restaurant and bar, shooting club, children's center.

• Redesign and refreshing web site
• Design web banners
• Email design
• Design SMM publications
• Presentations design
• Creating layouts and implementation of advertising campaigns
• Design printing materials and promotional products
• Editing images (retouching, color correction, collage, etc.)

Soleus Systems LTD
08.2015 - 11.2015
Web Designer

Soleus Systems is a web studio that design and development of web sites.

• Design of responsive web sites
• Landing Page design
• Icon design
• Creating web banners
• Logo design

POPEL Interactive Agency
07.2014 - 09.2014
Designer Intern

POPEL Interactive Agency is a strategic, branding & digital agency, that develops marketing strategies, brands and corporate identity. Designs and launch sites, CRM and ERP-systems. Organizes large-scale educational projects and specialized conferences.

• Landing page design
• Design of corporate identity
• Design of printing products
• Presentation design
• Creating infographics

06.2013 - 09.2013
Graphic Designer

StellaFlex is a manufacturer of labels and packaging materials from foil, mineral fiber, parchment and platinum. The company provides a range of services from design and finishing to printing products.• Design and redesign of printing materials

• Adaptation of design layouts
• Control of the printed process
• Pre-press preparation of materials for a flexo machine, digital printing, risograph

с 2010 года
• UX/UI Design of a mobile application for iOS and Android
• UX/UI Design of web sites
• Landing page design
• Creating of web banners
• Design of posts for social networks
• Design of printing products
• Design of promotional products
• Package design
• Visualization
• Creation of corporate identity
• Design of outdoor advertising design (billboard, city light, signage)

Own projects:
Wedding Planner Game
The game app for Android is focused on girls.
In the game, you can feel like a wedding organizer and check your organizational skills.
Concepts and study projects:
StyleAssistant app
This application like a personal stylist for an offline store. The app helps to create a look from those clothes that are available in the store. Course project for the UI. PRODUCT INTERFACE DESIGN in Projector.
iCooking app
The сoncept of application for a gadget that understands what products are in the fridge. The app helps a person not to think about what to cook in the evening, and shows recipes only from those products that are in stock. Project created as part of the course UI. PRODUCT INTERFACE DESIGN in Projector.
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